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I spent years in Fashion Production, sourcing fabrics from all over the world and building relationships with mills and factories.

The fabrics I use for My Moon products are always 100% organic and selected for their softness, style and durability.


After sourcing, sampling and receiving the fabric, I work with graders and pattern-makers here in San Francisco to fit and cut the blankets and clothes.

For Face Masks, I do the pattern-making, cutting and notching myself at my home studio.


Indigo is my go-to and I've made vats big and small, spent days dip-dying in a 2-person assembly line in a sandy backyard by the ocean, or thrown together small batches on the fly and dyed out on the porch.

I've also been exploring partnerships. For the Madder Root blankets we have worked with a local master dyer here in our neighborhood in SF.

The Factory

Amidst the Blue Bottles and Start-Ups there are still some excellent factories operating in downtown San Francisco and the relationships we've built have allowed me to produce professionally sewn, steamed and pressed products even in very limited quantities.

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